E.2 VEDVYAS Ji had A Divine Interview

Geeta E.2 It is said that God preached the Gita in the field of Kurukshetra, but how did this knowledge reach us?


Spiritual Secret of Gita Knowledge (Chapter 1 & 2)

“Gita-Gyan, A Mental War Or Violent War” 

Geeta Episode No• 002

A question also arises that how Shrimad Bhagavad Gita came to all of us?

It is said that God preached the Gita in the field of Kurukshetra, but how did this knowledge reach us?

If it is pre-observed, we will find that, Ved Vyas ji was sitting in a meditative state, then he had some divine visions, in which God clarified very beautiful mysterious knowledge to him!

When he came back from the meditative state, he wanted to record this knowledge, then it is natural to forget some things because interview is such a thing that man does not remember completely!

Geeta Gyan Episode 2
E.2 “गीता-ज्ञान, एक मनोयुद्ध या हिंसक युद्ध”

That’s why it is said that the knowledge of the first day which he got through divine experience is not written anywhere till today! which gradually disappeared.

The second day, Ved Vyas ji knew that the knowledge gained through interview is incomplete! That’s why he again sat in a meditative state.

As soon as he went for interview, further knowledge started from where the first day ended! This time he was sitting with pen and paper that today I will write it! 

This priceless knowledge that we are getting, I will pass it on to humans.

But the same things happened in Gyan on the second day as well, when he used to go to write, he used to stop watching, sometimes he used to get so engrossed in watching that he used to stop writing!

That’s why even the knowledge of the second day could not reach us and that too has disappeared!
Then it is said that on the third day, Ved Vyas ji prayed to God, O Lord!

You are giving me such invaluable knowledge, if I could not convey this knowledge to humans, then what is the use of it? Give me someone to write it so that I can pass it on to others! Then it is said that on the third day he received Lord Ganesha.

Ganesh got ready to write but Ganesh ji kept a condition that I will write very fast and wherever you stop, I will get up and leave!

As soon as he sat meditating and went for the interview, he started narrating exactly after seeing those scenes! It is said that the Gita of the third day was mysterious.

There were some scenes in it where he had to stop! Now the situation was such that he had to understand too! But it was clear in the memory that if I stop then Ganesha will get up and go away!

That’s why whatever thing is, it should be written in its form! In this way, he started writing the scene as he saw it. But at many places many meanings remained as deep secrets!

In this way, all those who have translated Shrimad Bhagavad Gita have tried to understand it with their intelligence! In this way many types of translations come in front of us.
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